How do Avintage Wine Refrigerators Compare?


When looking for a wine cooler you will find an ocean of brands, some of them you will be familiar with because of other appliances they manufacture (SubZero, Miele, Liebherr, EuroCave, Thermador, VinoTemp, Perlick, Summit, Marvel, U-Line, Avalon and EdgeStar), while other are far more obscure.

Here are a few areas where, as a wine collector or professional, you will have to pay a close attention to:



In the world of wine, all wines have their typicity, whether it is from the soil, the climate, the grape or the winemaking process. Consequently, when we serve wine, we have to take into account these specificities. Choosing a wine refrigerator that has the flexibility to accommodate a large part of your wine collection is key to reach the best experience

If two or three different zones of temperature are a good options, Avintage offers cabinets with multi-temperature zones without any partitions. Thanks to its unique ”pushed air” technology, Avintage multi-temperature coolers offer a graduated area of wine storage, allowing any type of wine to be stored from sweet wines in the bottom of the unit to bold Syrah and Cabernet in the upper part.



Premium wine can be enjoyed on the spot but are also meant to be stored for a few  years. This is why we acquire a wine fridge. So why would any customer want to buy a unit that only has 1 or 2 years warranty ? Longer warranty means 2 things: the manufacturing is probably solid enough to offer you as a standard several years warranty, and it means piece of mind over a longer period where any issues with your cooler will be addressed by the manufacturer.

Avintage warranties all its units for a minimum of 4 years parts and labor.


Cost – Total Cost of Ownership

Cost is most of the time a key deal breaker. When purchasing a wine preservation unit two parameters matter: what is your cost per bottle over time and the unit cost to be paid at the time of purchase. Smaller unit will usually have the higher cost per bottle as they hold less bottles that a larger unit. But when looking in 100+ capacity unit the acquisition cost varies anywhere from $1,500 to $8,000. If you look at proper cabinets with a solid product longevity you will be closer to the higher end of the bracket.

Avintage is part of the Frio Group, a company that sells over 100,000 units every year. As a result, all fixed costs are spread over a very large base. Consequently, Europe made Avintage wine cabinets can offer a 4 year warranty and full options for 15 to 50% of the price of its direct competitors.



Experience and Know-How

When aging your best bottles you want to secure yourself the proper storing environment. It is best practice to select a specialist that dedicates 100% of its resources in re-investing in your product. Today, too many vendors of wine cabinets also offer other appliances and are not specialist of wine preservation. Some units are not even manufactured by the brand you buy from, but from a generic appliance plant producing various kitchen equipment.

Avintage is part of Frio Group the #1 Wine Cabinet manufacturer in Europe. Avintage was created by a winemaker 25 years ago and is only producing wine cabinets.


Manufacturing Excellence

As mentioned a few lines above: being specialized only in the manufacturing of cabinets is a guarantee that you will have a quality and dedicated cellar to store your wine. Now, the manufacturing itself plays a significant roll too. Indeed, relying on staff that have been crafting wine cabinets for year is always a proof of reliability and quality. As with any other appliance the origin of the manufacturing will probably indicate whether it is a unit you can trust on the long run or not.

All Avintage refrigerators are made in Europe and obey to the most strict quality standards, whether imposed by regulation or corporate strategy.



Wine refrigerators are placed in different rooms (basement, garage, kitchen or living room). Also, you might have a certain vision on how your wine will be organized in your cabinet. Therefore, always study the options each cabinet offers.

Avintage cabinets offer all the key functions such as charcoal filters, digital temperature control, anti vibration, low energy consumption, humidity regulation, winter function, .... But beyond these features that should be standard on all refrigerator, French Corner Cellars offers you the ability to fully customize your cabinet with the help of the various shelf available.



Various sizes of wine cooler exist on the market. It will often lead to the usage of a dedicated cooling technology. As a basic rule, most of the small fridges (and the cheaper ones) will use thermo-electric technology. Larger units will typically feature a compressor. If you have a solid wine collection, avoid the thermo-electric, they are unstable, energy intensive and release a lot of heat.

All Avintage cabinets have equipped with reliable compressors to secure a stable operation over the years.