Retail outlets and restaurants have different wine storage needs than private wine collectors. High quality, reliable, multi-zone wine cabinets are an essential part of the end-customer experience, and relying on professional, experienced partners is key.

The Avintage partner company, Frio Group, supplies 75% of commercial wine fridge cabinets to French restaurants. This tremendous amount of experience is reinvested in the development of new commercial wine fridge cabinets and wine storage solutions.

The difference in Avintage commercial wine storage cabinets is reflected in both the excellence of their construction and the services and warranty you can expect from such an established manufacturer.

Commercial Wine Fridge Cabinets by French Corner Cellars

  • Our commercial grade wine cabinets match the needs of the most demanding customers for long-term wine maturing.
  • We offer unique solutions to secure the service of wine at the appropriate temperatures.
  • Our cabinets are all manufactured in Europe and offer a superior reliability thanks to the design and the components used.
  • For commercial wine fridge solutions, all our cabinets come with a FIVE-YEAR warranty (parts and labor).
  • Clients benefit from our superior customer service through a dedicated line covering both technical support and warranty requests.
  • Our wine cabinets fit well in modern and trendy environments.


Why do our professional customers trust us?

Premium Wine Fridges

A brand that equips 75% of French restaurants

5yr Warranty on Commercial Wine Fridges

5 year warranty on all our products

Endorsed by hundreds of sommeliers

Up To Six Temperature Zones Wine Storage

The only cabinets offering
6 temperature zones

1-5 Day Delivery

Maximum of 5 days delivery time
to your front door

All products feature temperature
and humidity control


Featured product:

DIVA Revolution 195

The DIVA Revolution 195 cabinet is the only one on the market to offer up to 6 temperature zones, thanks to its innovative “pushed air” technology. It is particularly sought after by restaurants and retail outlets, as it offers the opportunity to pour any type of wine at the correct serving temperature.

Whiteface Lodge with DIVA Revolution 195

This cabinet has the following main features:

  • Up to 6 temperature zones, ranging from 40 to 72˚F (4 to 22˚C)
  • Maximum capacity: 195 bottles (with Bordeaux bottles on 3 shelves)
  • Cabinet manufactured in the EU (Denmark)
  • Optimized retail space, with only 23.4-inch width
  • Handleless, UV-protected glass door with lock
  • Modern design featuring LED lighting in the door
  • Multiple shelving configurations, including display shelves
  • Charcoal filter
  • Hygrometry control
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Reversible door
  • Lowest sound level
  • Winter “unfreeze” function
  • Typical capacity in “5-shelf” configuration: 165 bottles
  • Typical capacity in “full shelves” configuration: 105 bottles