IMPORTANT NOTE: Unless the wine fridge is being serviced, make sure the power for the unit is on.


Q: How do I adjust the temperatures?

A: To adjust the temperatures, see Temperature Control from the User Guide.


Q: What are the suggested temperature settings?

A: Temperature settings can be set to your individual preferences. While each temperature zone of your wine cabinet has a range of 40°F (5°C) to 72°F (22°C), you can set the zones to the temperatures you like best. We also provide a chart with suggested storing and serving temperatures for various wine types.


Q: Condensation is forming on the inside and outside of my unit. Is this bad?

A: In climates with higher humidity, condensation will form and is considered normal. Leaving the door open for a long period of time may also contribute to condensation forming on the inside of your cabinet.


Q: Why do I hear my cabinet running frequently?

A: It is normal to hear the intermittent operation of fans and motors. Sounds will be accentuated based on the placement of the unit and overall room design.


Normal Noises and What Causes Them 

“Brrrrr.”  This noise indicates that the motor has kicked on; it may get louder for brief periods.

“Blub, blub.”  This gurgling noise can be heard when the refrigerant circulates through the pipes.

“Click.”  Clicking sounds occur whenever the thermostat turns the motor on or off.

“Sssrrrrr.”  In multi-section and frost-free appliances, the movement of air circulating through the cabinet can sometimes just barely be heard in appliances with a water tank; a humming noise can be heard when the water pump is running.

“Crack.”  A cracking noise can be heard when the cabinet materials expand.

Keep in mind that a certain amount of noise is unavoidable (from the compressor and the refrigerant circulating through the system).


Noises That Can Easily Be Eliminated

Rattling/clinking noise

Possible cause: The wine fridge is not level.

Solution: Re-align the cabinet by using a level and raising or lowering the screw feet on the underside of the appliance.

Possible cause: The cooler is touching another appliance or piece of furniture.

Solution: Move it away from other objects.

Possible cause: Drawers, baskets or shelves are jiggling or are stuck.

Solution: Check all removable items and refit them correctly.

Possible cause: Bottles or containers are touching.

Solution: Separate them.

Possible cause: The transport clips are still hanging on the back of the cabinet.

Solution: Remove the clips.