Customize Your Cabinet to Showcase Your Passion


Finding the appropriate wine refrigerator to accommodate ones personal style can be a difficult endeavor. In a veritable sea of 'the same but different' wine refrigerators, coming across one that stands out from the pack is rare,at best.

This is why Avintage & French Corner Cellars offers the option to build a wine cabinet customized to your needs. Whether you are a restaurant wanting to display your collection, or a collector looking to combine various shelf styles and accessories, we can do it!

As the only wine refrigerator distributor in the country to offer this custom service, we invite you to pick your favorite Avintage base model and add the proper items to fit your wishes.

We offer fixed, sliding and presentation shelves as well as several options to enhance your cabinet.

To inquire pricing and lead-time call us at 833-83-WINES (94637) 8 to 8 EST.