French Corner Cellars - Avintage Wine Cabinet - Designed in France, Made in Europe

French Corner Cellars is a distributor of high-quality, customizable wine storage and refrigeration solutions, designed for both wine enthusiasts and wine industry professionals in the United States and Canada. With an exclusive focus on wine storage solutions, French Corner Cellars combines specialized wine cabinet experience with European craftsmanship and design.

French Corner Cellars is the exclusive distributor of Avintage wine cabinets in the USA and Canada. Already involved in the wine industry, French Corner Cellars owners decided to expand their services to provide the means to preserve and serve wine in optimum conditions. Located in the New York’s Capital Region and Toronto, Canada, French Corner Cellars serves private customers as well as businesses that wish to enhance the potential of their wine collections. The quality of our cabinets is also reflected in the range of services and the warranty we offer our customers.


  • Exclusive provider in the USA and Canada for Avintage, the European leader in wine storage products
  • Wine cabinets are designed in France and manufactured in Europe for superior design and quality
  • Exclusive focus on specialized wine storage solutions for wine collectors, enthusiasts and professionals
  • Extensive experience in wine, including storage, aging, and preservation
  • Superior service, delivery and warranty options
  • A flexible range of wine cabinets that have innovative features and elegant design, with customizable options