Why humidity control is important in wine storage

March 27, 2020 by French Corner Cellars


            In the world of wine, very few things are as terrible as opening a bottle of wine that should be, by all rights, in perfect range of time and condition to drink, and having that bottle be turned.

Most wine collectors understand the importance of keeping an ideal temperature in a wine cellar. However, many overlook the importance of humidity and how it can impact wine. To learn more about wine cellar humidity and the importance of climate control, consider the following information to decide what’s best for your wine collection.

The concern over humidity is usually in regards with wine corks.  When wine corks dry out, it can compromise the seal and prematurely age the wine by letting air into the bottle – less of a concern is when the seal remains unbroken, a dried out cork makes opening the wine a messy ordeal, resulting with cork dust in your wine. If the majority of your wines use proper cork, then humidity should be monitored and controlled.  Plastic, metal, glass and other closures aren’t impacted heavily by humidity.

Cork is of course organic matter, and will deteriorate with time. While on its side, the bottom of the cork is in contact with the wine, though the top is exposed to the air, and is impacted by the conditions of the air around it. If the air is too dry, the top of the cork will dry out, shrink, crack and let air to come into contact with the wine. The damage won’t happen immediately but over time, it will negatively impact the wine’s quality. High humidity levels will help keep the cork from drying out.

Relative humidity levels should range between 50 and 70 percent. Anything below 50% will dry the cork out and risk the integrity of the wine. In an open cellar, the process of keeping humidity within this range can be a costly process, unless one chooses to keep their collection stored in a refrigeration unit. A unit of proper quality will have reliable and easily maintained humidity control, for example an Avintage DIVA wine cabinet. The DIVA collection comes with humidity control that keeps your wines within a safe range at all times, with options available for even the most extreme humidity conditions. Find out more at https://frenchcornercellars.com/ or call +1 (833) 839-4637.