What makes Avintage wine cabinets so unique?

August 06, 2018 by French Corner Cellars

As we are sure you’ve all noticed, the amount of wine being consumed in the United States and Canada has seen a sharp incline in the recent years. As of 2017, the amount of wine purchases has doubled in the last decade! That increase is paced by the number of new labels to hit our shelves. Walking down the aisles of your local wine shop gives you access to all sorts of interesting and fun bottles you’ve never seen before, many being sold in that sweet $10 spot.

And with all these new, value labels to choose from, comes the other end of the spectrum – imports from other countries, produced by small houses, in small quantities, that range from $30 to past the $100 mark. The difference between both type of labels is usually quality, and amount of time needed to develop in the cellar. And so, in turn, the market for wine cabinets has seen an upward trajectory as well.

Enter French Corner Cellars.

An Avintage Evolution at the Whiteface Lodge, N.Y.

Avintage wine cabinets are a solid alternative to a proper cellar. It replicates the temperature and humidity level needed to age wine or prepare it for consumption. ‘Why Avintage? Why put my money on a product no one has ever heard of in the US and Canada?’

Let’s start with the obvious, which is, we are some of the few that haven’t heard of Avintage cabinets, Frio Group produces over 100,000 units a year. And not combined with other product types, they only produce wine cabinets – that’s a lot of chilled wine! And when we say there is nothing like them in North America, we mean it! Every multi-temperature cabinet currently sold in the U.S. and Canada has a physical separation between temperature zones – picture a cabinet with little compartments separating everything – but Avintage cabinets have a single, open space for your wine without any partitions. This free space is given to us by Frio’s patented Pushed-Air Technology. The cold air generated by the compressor is pushed upwards, and naturally warms up the higher its goes. This circulation gives the cabinets variable temperature, with no partitions!

Pushed-Air technology has been a boon for the wine cabinet market, not only does it supply stable temperature control, it also uses less energy, makes the units barely audible, and gives the option from 1 up to 6 zones of temperature – that’s more variable temperatures than any other unit available on our market! Couple that with a sleek look that goes with any design concept in any room of the house, and you can see why Avintage has become a leading brand in Europe.

There are units for every type of wine enthusiast – our Classic line is single temperature for deep-time storage, the Evolution range is multi-temperature for storage and consuming at proper temperature. The top Avintage cabinet is the Revolution: thin, sleek, modern, with 1-6 zones of temperature. And unlike other cabinets, the multi-temperature units aren’t tethered to any number of zones, it is free and open. A client can have an eclectic wine collection, with any wine ready-to-serve at a moment’s notice, and if they have a special event, perhaps a Champagne evening, you can set your temperature to 45* and fill the cabinet with these friendly bubbles, going right back to the initial settings afterwards.

We hope that this little rundown of Avintage products has given some insight on the quality of our cabinets. When it’s all said and done, French Corner Cellars is about sharing our passion for wine, and hoping that we help with what we all deserve: the best wine, in the best conditions.