Vintages in Burgundy – The Good, The Bad, & Who Made the Best Wines: 1998

Everyone talks about the vintages that produced the finest wines, and why wouldn’t they? Delicious and quite often worthy of deep-time in a cellar, they are the wines enjoyed and spoken of throughout the decades. Then there are the forgotten years, the vintages that saw terrible weather at the worst times, whose wines were all but written off as times passed. The worst years can still produce fantastic wines, when produced by houses that understand how to deal with what their dealt, and come out shining regardless of the conditions.

This series will be dealing with the vintages in Burgundy of fame, infamy, and everything in between - with the best regions/producers for that year. We hope you enjoy :)

1998 began well enough in Burgundy, the weather was warm and dry, with just enough sun. An above average heat in August was offset by heavy rains in early-to-mid September. The rest of the month had a return to good weather, but the rain had caused patchy harvests, with mildew and Odium outbreaks forcing a very strict selection process. The one unifying quality was a substantial decrease in acidity, leaving many wines fat and quite concentrated.

Overall, the patchy harvest led to patchy quality across Burgundy, with the most concentrated offerings having the best agability. Pinot Noir found its best in Côte de Beaune and Côte de Nuits, while the Chardonnay harvest (which suffered the most, having the lack of acidity adversely affecting structure) had its finest in Chassagne Montrachet and Chablis.

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