Vintages in Burgundy – The Good, The Bad, & Who Made the Best Wines: 1846

Everyone talks about the vintages that produced the finest wines, and why wouldn’t they? Delicious and quite often worthy of deep time in a cellar, they are the wines enjoyed and spoken of throughout the decades. Then there are the forgotten years, the vintages that saw terrible weather at the worst times, whose wines were all but written off as times passed. The worst years can still produce fantastic wines, when produced by houses that understand how to deal with what their dealt, and come out shining regardless of the conditions.

This series will be dealing with the vintages in Burgundy of fame, infamy, and everything in between - with the best regions/producers for that year. This article will be covering the 1846 growing season.

A fantastically outstanding vintage, and one of the best of the 19th century. Know to some as an ‘ancient vintage’, and for good reason. At this time Louis-Philippe, the last king to rule France, was still in power, albeit while teetering on the throne before being unseated in 1848. 1846 beget wines that had massive power, structure, and most of all, a legendary age worthiness in both reds and whites. Thought of as too powerful to drink upon its initial release, the wines of this year had seen perfect growing conditions the year through, with a harvest in mid-September.

What will be a shock to some, and not quite so to others, is that some extraordinarily rare wines such as this are still drinking well to this day. It is often said that even the finest winemakers do not produce wines made to be cellared beyond eighty years, and that those that survive have done so by accident more than anything else. A list could be made of best producers, but given the size and breadth of excellent wines produced, that list would be extensive, and moot. Safe to say that any wines found from this year are a crap-shoot, to say the least.

Drinking a fine wine from Burgundy is always something special, make sure you are drinking them at the proper temperature. For whites, 52° is best, with reds rising up a few digits at 56°, and as always, do not forget the Avintage DIVA line of wine refrigeration cabinets for all your wine storage needs. For more information, visit us at, or call at +1 (833) 839-4637.


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