Today is International Viognier Day!!

Happy International Viognier Day to all you wine lovers out there!

Many of you have already discovered the joys of having this stone-y, apricot-y wine in a glass on a sunny day, and for those of you that haven't had the pleasure yet - what are you waiting for?! Get off your rear and get one, leave work right now if you have to!

Just kidding, please don't get fired for Viognier, Viognier wouldn't like that.

Wines made from Viognier usually hover around medium to full-bodied in weight. A young, fresh wine often has delightful stone fruit, floral aromas, with apricot and mineral notes. Viognier is naturally fruity, lower in acidity,  and often produced to be dry, though if you are lucky enough to stumble across a dessert wine, do not hesitate to purchase, as they are outstanding. Keep the acidity in mind, as well as the floral aromas. Viognier pairs well with a range of different foods - rich seafood dishes, charcuterie, and cheese with some age on it (to name a few).

These days Viognier is all over the globe, most of the ones you'll see are either from France or Australia (for good reason of course), but never forget that quality bottles can be found from nearly all wine growing regions - as long as they aren't too far north, the grapes don't seem to ripen all that well.

That being said, here's a quick list of places to keep an eye out for when you're out and about:


- Condrieu, Rhône Valley ⇚ Age for a decade or so

- Hérault, Languedoc

United States:

- Walla Walla, Washington

- Barboursville, Virginia


- Eden Valley, Australia

- Yarra Valley, Australia

South Africa:

- Stellenbosch, SA

- Paarl, SA

- Swartland, SA

- Western Cape, SA



There is plenty out there to keep you busy well after the day has passed, and since the warm weather is upon us, all the better. Just make sure to serve your Viognier at around 43℉, you'll be happy you did :)

Cheers and enjoy!