The Importance of Wine Cabinet Placement in your Home and Business

March 19, 2020 by French Corner Cellars


             For a passionate wine consumer, the unboxing of your brand-new refrigeration cabinet is very exciting, for many, it’s a new level of entry into wine-geekdom. They have a spot all picked out, and they fill it with as much wine as possible, but now that its full of wine, it’s a fairly big annoyance to move if you feel the placement isn’t as ideal as you thought. So, besides the obvious aesthetic choices, what factors do you consider when getting into your wine cabinet placement?

Ambient humidity and temperature – Fluctuations in temperature and humidity mean more work for your cabinet, this effects energy consumption, and overall life of the unit. If kept in an area where fluctuation is at a minimum, your cabinet can operate at an optimal level. Keep in mind that quality units are graded for commercial and residential use, so sub-optimal conditions are of course possible, but have the aforementioned drawbacks.

Door hinge placement – There is nothing more annoying than getting your unit into place, and realizing its door cannot open all the way (or at all). Keep track of which side the door is hinged, and if it can be reversed.

Floor stability – Soft spots in the floor, or spots where cabinet weight can cause bowing, lead to unwanted vibration within the cabinet, and in some cases, racks and shelves coming undone and falling. A unit that has anti-vibration is best, but always keep in mind what surface your wine refrigerator is kept on.

Ventilation – Make sure where the vent is on you wine cabinet, and what that means for placement. Some units are meant to be built-in only (usually venting from the front), others are freestanding (rear-venting), and on occasion, meant for either. If you unit cannot vent properly, the overheating can cause any number of failures inside the unit, so be mindful of which category your cabinet falls into.

Overall temperature – Climate can be a factor many people don’t consider. Areas with extreme temperatures can be overwhelming to even the finest cabinet if placed improperly. If you are trying out different locations around your home/office/business, see if your unit comes with temperature alarms, they can save your collection.

We hope that this has given some insight that can be useful if you are in the market for a wine refrigeration cabinet, and always consider the brand that is #1 in France, and a favorite of sommeliers and restaurant owners - Avintage DIVA,  brought to you by French Corner Cellars. Visit us at, we can help you make the right choice.