The 2022 Rosé Season finally arrives!

April 01, 2022 by French Corner Cellars
The temperature is set to starting to ramp-up in the next few weeks, and our fellow wine enthusiasts will begin to imbibe some chilled wines in order to keep cool. Happily, many of those glasses will be filled with delicious, mouth watering Rosé. I say happily because I remember a time where, due to the lack of wine knowledge in the states, a rosé was tough to find – I’m not saying that good rosé was tough to find, I’m saying any rosé.

Remember Mateus and Lancers? Those were the ones we had.

The biggest hurdle for any producers trying to import rosé into the US was the mark that Mateus had made - summed-up in a single word – sweet. And unfortunately, that stigma stuck really, really well. This accompanied another wine stigma ‘sweet wines are cheap and terrible’, which back then, was pretty much true of the sweet wines largely available. To this day the amount of people who refuse to try a rosé or Riesling ‘because they’re too sweet' is staggering.


It has been a hard climb, but these days many people have come around to the idea that real rosé are often dry, delicious, and perfectly OK to drink out in full view of the public. In fact, we are now at the pinnacle of rose consumption in the U.S.

The first appearance of rosé was in ancient Greece, where the wines were a field blend of red and white grapes that had a pink hue, and watered-down as custom and sign of civility. The wines were later brought to what is now the southern part of France, where its popularity in the Mediterranean became so fierce that the region is still known as the primary source if fine, salmon-colored wines.

And now, several hundred years later, every region that can grow grapes has its own variety of delicious rosé. As long as you keep an open mind, and serve around 46 ° - 49 °F, you’ll find the pink that you can drink year-round!



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