Vintages in Burgundy – Good, The Bad, & Who Made the Best Wines: 1984


Everyone talks about the vintages that produced the finest wines, and why wouldn’t they? Delicious and quite often worthy of deep-time in a cellar, they are the wines enjoyed and spoken of throughout the decades. Then there are the forgotten years, the vintages that saw terrible weather at the worst times, whose wines were all but written off as times passed. The worst years can still produce fantastic wines, when produced by houses that understand how to deal with what their dealt, and come out shining regardless of the conditions.

This series will be dealing with the vintages in Burgundy of fame, and infamy, with the best producers for that year – enjoy!

1984 – not a very good year in Burgundy, in fact, the vintage never really stood a chance. Right off the bat the spring had late flowering following cold, wet conditions. A ray of hope appeared with a warm and very sunny July, but that was dashed with August having multiple bad storms, with conditions worsening through September, an unenthusiastic late harvest came in October. A poor crop of flimsy, highly acidic grapes was the end result.

This is the section that we reserve for the best Burgundian producers of the year, outside of the usual powerhouse wineries such as DRC and the like, managing to squeak out short lived but passable offerings, nothing notable comes to mind – and certainly nothing worth seeking out now.

Drinking a fine wine from Burgundy is always something special, so make sure you are drinking them at the proper temperature. For whites, 52° is best, with reds rising up a few digits at 56°, and as always, don’t forget the Avintage DIVA line of wine refrigeration cabinets for all your wine storage needs. For more information, visit us at, or call at +1 (833) 839-4637.


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