Happy Valentine's Day from The French Corner!

Happy Valentine's Day!

You are most likely reading this at work, preparing for a night of either staying in with a SO, staying in and ignoring the day, or going out with friends to either enjoy each other's company, or go out on the prowl - do people still say that?

So we will forgo the usual word-laden post, and shoot straight to the best wines for the day with serving temps:



Rose (45°F) - Pink, delicious, racy, and romantic ❤️

Pinot Noir (55°F) - Pairs with different styles of food, good on its own for sipping (New World)

Chardonnay (49°F) - See above. Big and buttery with lobster, yum!

Port (62°F) - Classic pairing with chocolate, packs a punch.

Champagne/Sparkling Wine (42°F) - Celebrate being in love! Celebrate being alone! Celebrate being indifferent about the whole thing! It works on every level!

So there you go, we hope this helps as a fun little guide - get out there and enjoy however you choose to approach the day!