International Riesling Day 2022!

International Riesling Day is March 13, 2022!

IRD falls on a Monday this year, so we thought we would give you a heads-up so you have time to out something together this weekend.

There are still many people who hear 'Riesling' and it makes them think 'sweet', which can be good or bad, depending on your tastes. And despite living in the information age, many people have yet to discover the dry versions of these wines.



Dry Rieslings are far more present in stores and restaurants than they were a decade ago, but they have been slowly creeping into the mainstream, and now there are more available than ever. For those of you that have yet to have the pleasure of tasting these wines, here are a few things to look out for when shopping or dining out:

 - Pay close attention to the alcohol percentage, the higher the number, the more dry the wine (which is actually true for most non high-production wines). The base number to look for the mid-level of 12%, lower than that, and the sweetness increases. So if you're used to 5-9% Rieslings, try the 10.5-11% range to see how is sits for you.

 - Look for a label from Alsace. They produce mainly dry Rieslings, so that can make your search a far more short venture.

 - Beware the Rieslings with an alcohol percentage above 13.5%, those can have noticeable heat (alcohol) in the flavor profile, so make sure its a good producer, and that it has an appropriate chill to it.

Other than that, go out and have fun trying sweet or dry versions of these wines, and keep an open mind when it comes to the country or region, there are so many amazing choices from around the globe!

And maybe round off the festivities with a bone-dry Silvaner wine - they pair perfectly with oysters (if you're into that).