Domaine Ganevat Attempts to seize back their Russian-controlled estates

March 18, 2022 by French Corner Cellars

The Pumpyanskiy family owned Domaine Ganevat has made the news recently, as the former owner Jean-François Ganevat (Jura) and his Director Benoit Pontenier (Languedoc) attempt to regain control of the estates after just six months after the transfer of ownership - citing concerns about the domaine's future amid the Russian incursion into Ukraine, and the sanctions imposed as a result.

Jean-François, his sister Anne, and Benoit Pontenier (also the Director of Prieuré Saint-Jean de Bébian), were surprised to find that Alexander Pumpyanskiy, son of Russian Oligarch and steel magnate Dimitry Pumpyanskiy, had moved his family's wine assets into holding on March 4th - 5 days before sanctions were imposed on Russia's oligarchs. Those affected by the sanctions held a meeting with Vladimir Putin on February 24th, just before the military move into the Ukraine.



Ganevat and his sister continued to run the estate, and spoke several days ago with  Revue du Vin de France regarding these events and how he moving to solidify the  safety and future of the domaine, emphasizing that he would do everything in his power to protect the estate and its employees.

We will report further on any developments or resolution, should one come to pass.