'La Revue du vin de France' declares Avintage best wine cabinet!

January 04, 2019 by French Corner Cellars

What better way for Avintage to start off the year than to be selected as Best Aging Wine Cabinet by the #1 wine publication in France! Indeed, the DIVA Classic 305 capacity pack outperformed all its competitors and collected a 18.5/20 mark. The influential “Revue des Vins de France” appreciated the high overall manufacturing quality of the cabinet, as well as the ability to monitor the humidity level.

With a total capacity of 294 bottles, the DIVA Classic is a perfect refrigeration cabinet to age fine wines. French Corner Cellars also offers the DIVA Classic 305 in a full shelves’ configuration as a standard, with the option to custom build the shelves organization to adapt to any customers’ needs. The Avintage DIVA Classic 305 range retails from $3.299 to $3.599. The cabinets are Made in Europe, and comes with a 4-year parts and labor warranty.