If you were still wondering ‘how much does quality manufacturing matter?

September 28, 2018 by French Corner Cellars
For those of you who enjoyed our video comparing our Avintage wine cabinet against a non-European made unit, we are extending the comparison just a bit further, following a recent event that was brought to our attention.

The newest occurrence involves the failure of the unit to keep itself set at a constant temperature. Having been set at 50 degrees Fahrenheit, the unit began cooling itself reaching a freezing temperature. Had the owner not needed a bottle from his collection and noticed the change, the wine would have been destroyed. Indeed, the content of alcohol and sugar in wine reduces the freezing temperature of the beverage. But when the wine finally freezes, the pressure of the frozen liquid will pop the cork out. Consequently, once the wine returns to a liquid stage, the cabinet is soaking in wine. The wine is then lost and the cabinet probably ruined. As this happened once more after the unit was unplugged and reset, it is now shut down, and used as unrefrigerated storage.

The most surprising aspect of this was the age of the cabinet (barely four years old) and the fact it was kept in the same spot during its entire life time. This type of failure is attributed to the low quality of the components whether it is the thermostat reading the cabinet’s temperature or the digital board triggering the compressor.

All Avintage free standing cabinets are made in Europe use superior components. The quality of materials, and care of production ensures the highest level of performance, and operation consistency. The effort of using quality components and labor has a cost which is obviously reflected in the price of the cabinet. Though, when comparing the additional cost per bottle per year of having a quality unit, it is minimal compare to the cost of the wine which can end up being ruined.

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