How to choose your wine refrigeration cabinet

March 13, 2020 by French Corner Cellars

As world wine consumption increases, so does the need for a dependable wine cabinet to store your delicious and valuable labels. And with so many options out there, it is important to take certain factors in mind when perusing through the vast selection. With that in mind, French Corner Cellars and Avintage have compiled a list of things to consider while you shop.

Capacity – It’s not just about what you have right now, it’s about how much you will have in the future. How much do you entertain? How many wines need to rest for several years before being consumed? Are you exploring new regions and countries? The bottle count can add up quick, so making preparations ahead of time can be vital.

Shelving – Hot on the heels of capacity is shelving. Along with cabinet size, shelving has a big impact on how much you can fit in your unit. The more shelves, the less bottle count, but you gain better organization of your labels. This also is where customization comes into consideration, setting up a cabinet that can hold good capacity, while still having shelves to organize creates a pleasing, if not necessary balance to your collection.

Temperature Zones – Some people need only to let their collection sit until needed, some need wines that are ready to drink at the proper temperature at all times, and some people are looking for both. Whichever category you fall into, always take into consideration how you plan to consume your wines, and how you want temperature to play a part. The more zones you have, the more options you have before you.

Location – Where to keep your cabinet after you get it home. Do you put it in the garage? Are you able to?  Is it meant to be a centerpiece? Finding a refrigeration unit that can fit anywhere in your home or business is key. Those in cold climates have fewer options, as freezing during the winter becomes a problem. Finding a cabinet with a style that can fit anywhere is more difficult than it seems, and finding one that can cover all the above – even more so.

Production Origin – It’s no secret that where a product comes from is often indicative of its quality…and price. Units made in Asia have a lower cost, but also a lower quality. Finding a cabinet made in Europe or North America tends to have a higher quality, but a heftier price tag. Coming across a wine cabinet that is both high quality, but not overly expensive can be a daunting task, but they are out there.

Service & Warranty – Everything covered right now is worthless unless you get a cabinet that has a good warranty, backed by excellent service. Buying added coverage is the norm, but also keep a look out for companies that provide their own long-term full warranty and service, it can save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run.

The Little Extras – So many consumers overlook all the little details a company puts into its product. Does it have alarms for when it gets too hot or cold? Do the doors have UV protection? Anti-vibration? Keep your eyes open for things like door locks, decibel level, energy efficiency, filtration type, and control setup. Everything adds up to an overall better wine storage experience.

Taking all this into account, keep in mind that our AVINTAGE wine cabinets tick all these boxes, they have the highest capacity in North America, are customizable, made in Europe, have the highest amount of temperature zones, graded for commercial and residential use, possess a sleek style that fits into any room, a full 4-year warranty, and have a slew of features to ensure your wine is kept as safe as possible. For more information, call us or visit our website. Enjoy!