Happy Thanksgiving from Avintage & French Corner Cellars!

November 25, 2020 by French Corner Cellars

Happy Thanksgiving to all the wine lovers out there!

It has been, and continues to be an odd year for...well, pretty much everything. And while we adjust to scaling back or removing completely the big events with friends and family, there are still those things that remain steadfast and unshakable in our lives...

Like how delicious wines are with Thanksgiving dinner.

With that in mind, we have selected our top 10 wines to have with your thanksgiving dinner, whether its one per course, or one for the entire meal. We are quite sure that you will discover options you didn't know existed.

Dry Riesling:

A wonderful marriage of mouthwatering acidity, ripe fruit, and minerality. Look for something from a cool climate, classic examples are Germany or Alsace, but there are so many other to seek out, so have fun!

Not sure if it's dry? A good rule of thumb for most wines is to stay above 12% alcohol - sometimes residual sugar creeps it's way in, but what can you do?

White Moschofilero:

A very overlooked red grape from Greece. Removing the skins before pressing can yield a wine that's damn-near crystal clear, but packed with personality. Citrus, floral, melon, and herbal notes are to be expected. Tough to find sometimes, but well-worth the effort!

Melon de Bourgogne (Muscadet):

The grape of Muscadet in the Loire Valley. Known for being lean, racy, minerally, and fantastically delicious. They have really started to hit the shelves on the reg in most areas, so finding one has become much easier - they even produce them in the states now!

Dry Rose:

One of our favorites for a start-to-finish wine for the table. The acidity of a great white wine, with a flavor profile that can encompass both red and white wines! Versatile and relatively inexpensive, look for cool climate for less fruit, warmer climates for more - as in most wines.

Pinot Noir:

A well known option for many. But there are still those who haven't had this particular epiphany yet. The grape of Burgundy, a light red (when it's 100%), that gets heavier when out of California, not only because of the warmer climate, but also it can be blended with up to 25% of other varieties, such as merlot, malbec, cab, syrah, petit sirah, petit verdot, etc..


Spain's most famous wine, and the main grape of Rioja. A more svaory wine, with hints of leather, tobacco, and tea leaf. Perfect for a table that has a wide variety of meats and cheeses.


Known as 'the people's wine' in it's home country of Italy. Grown in the northern regions in a cool climate, while having an inky, dark appearance, these wines have great acidity, low tannins, and balanced notes of blackberries

NOTE: if you are looking for something more soft and easygoing on the bank account, get a Dolcetto, you'll thank us later.


Grown in the same regions as Barbera, Nebbiolo is the favorite from Barolo and Barbaresco in Nothern Italy. These wines are known for their sheer power of acidity, massive tannins, and high quality (a high price as well). If you have fatty meats and a plethora of cheeses, this is one to keep on your radar.


A grape of burgundy, more specifically the southern region of Beaujolais. Beaujolais Neuveau as a tradition for this time of year - is fruity and sweeter, to be drank immediately (unless otherwise stated for a higher quality). The other offerings are far more serious, much more structured, and go beautifully with a Thanksgiving dinner.


The most planted grape variety on earth. Grown in countless regions, there is a grenache for every occasion! The capacity for different levels of fruit, tannin, and tertiary notes leave much choice for experimentation!

And while this is a good list (we think), there are so many other options to go with, so do a bit of research, and go out and see what you can find.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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