Happy Memorial Day from The French Corner!

May 27, 2022 by French Corner Cellars

Happy Memorial Day from the French Corner!

Memorial Day has always been a bittersweet Holiday, we enjoy the weather and the long weekend, but the day is built upon the remembrance of lives given in service of this country. We celebrate the fallen by living our lives to the best of our ability -  gathering with friends and family, and spending our time off with the ones we love. 



During this time, people tend to do quite a bit of grilling, so we are giving a list of the top 10 wines to drink while slaving over a fire. Short and sweet, so we can all get the weekend going.

White Wine:

- Chardonnay (New World)

- Chardonnay (Old World)

- Sauvignon Blanc (Old World)

- Chenin Blanc


Dry Rosé:

- Any, go nuts.


Red Wine:

- Pinot Noir

- Grenache

- Syrah/Shiraz

- Cabernet Sauvignon (Old World)

- Cabernet Sauvignon (New World)


A quick list to be sure, there are dozens of other grape varieties to play with, so feel free to message us on this social media site with your suggestions!