Happy Labor Day 2020 from the French Corner!

September 04, 2020 by French Corner Cellars


               Most people agree that the year 2020 has been one of the most chaotic years that we have seen in a very long time. And now, here we are going into yet another beloved holiday that somehow feels like there is just a touch (or a heavy poke in some cases) of the Twilight Zone. So, as we muddle our way into the three-day weekend, let’s address a thought that binds many of us together in solidarity:

‘Yeah, I need some wine.’

Labor Day is, for some people, the unofficial first day of Autumn – two weeks shy of the official day, but tell that to someone who needs several layers of clothes in the morning. And with this change of weather comes naturally a change of cocktail options, people begin to trade their chilled light wines for more robust options, and for the wines that can still hang in the cooler weather, put much less of a chill in their serving. Today we are going to go over the wines that coincide with sweater, hoodies, and thick socks, enjoy!

Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blanc – Both grapes that makes wines drank consistently throughout the year, with the introduction of cooler weather, people tend to steer away from the much lighter offerings that come out of places like Burgundy and Loire Valley, and seek out fuller-bodied options such as California, South Africa, Southern France, and Australia. Keep your serving temperatures around 50°F for best effect.

Rose – Once again, Rose is well known for being typical summer fare, but since every wine making region makes them in some form or another, the fall makes people sideline the lean & racy wines of cooler-climate areas, in favor of those closer to the equator. Serving temperature is 48°F.

Pinot Noir – People tend to drink white wines when it’s warm, and red wines during the cold seasons. Pinot fits into both categories, but really, the latter is when Pinot really shines. Cool areas like Burgundy can still be consumed, if the vintage was warm and producing plump grapes with a good amount of sugar. Whatever the Pinot is, try and chill it to 56°F

Bordeaux & Rhone Blends – Now we get into proper cold weather wines. Big, round, tannic, secondary and tertiary notes of tobacco, earth, game, stone, meat, etc., these wines aren’t for sipping alone, they are to be drank with big meals involving plenty of fatty proteins and starch. A nap usually occurs afterwards. Drinking temperature: 59°F

California Reds – These wines are quite often drunk by themselves, but fatty salty foods don’t hurt either. Known for being overdone, with big, juicy, voluptuous body, lots of ripe fruit, cocoa, coffee, oak, and spice. A much higher alcohol content comes with the above, also a good reason to eat something with whatever ends up in your glass. Keep these at around 62°F for best experience.

So, there you have it, make sure to take note of the serving temperatures, they make a huge difference in your enjoyment – and remember, for a consistently solid experience, try our Avintage DIVA wine refrigeration cabinets, they fit the bill (and the wallet) perfectly. We hope this has helped in your transition out of the warm days of summer, it can be a bit rough at the beginning, but it gives you a chance to cover up some of the Covid weight you may have gained, so there’s that.