Happy International Sauvignon Blanc Day 2020!

May 01, 2020 by French Corner Cellars

                It’s that time of year again! Today we celebrate one of the most popular grape varieties on the planet – Sauvignon Blanc, which translates from French ‘Sauvage Blanc’ into ‘Wild White’. Beyond being used to make delicious wines the world over, this grape is notorious for being one of the parent grapes to Cabernet Sauvignon. Born from what is known as a field blend, Sauvignon Blanc was naturally cross-bred with Cabernet Franc in Bordeaux sometimes in the mid-to-late 1700’s.

                Origins of the grape have ongoing dispute, though the larger consensus is that it hails from the Loire Valley and Bordeaux regions of France, as a descendant of the Savagnin varietal – also known as Traminer. The modern era has seen plantings all across the major wines growing regions, and beyond. Traditional styles still see the best offerings coming from France’s western regions, with the New-World styles having the most success and notoriety in New Zealand. Wherever it’s grown, people always notice Sauvignon Blanc’s ability to have a surprisingly broad spectrum in terms of flavor profiles, with every winemaking country having its own interpretation of how the grape should be represented.

                With such huge variations to be found, always keep proper serving temperature in mind to ensure your tasting your Sauvignon Blanc at the perfect balance. Old-world styles should be drank around 46°, while New-world offerings should clock-in around 52°. Storing your bottles safely at the right temp is infinitely less complicated in an Avintage wine cabinet, so give us a call at +1 (833) 839-4637 or go to www.frenchcornercellars.com and we’ll set you up!