Happy 2nd Annual Champagne & Chips Day!

January 07, 2022 by French Corner Cellars

Well here's a new thing we found out about wine holidays in January (note:there aren't that many), this is the second year of the annual Champagne & Chips (French Fries) Day!

Now this may seem to many as blasphemous (and we guess you're not entirely wrong), but as a person whose had a late night bottle of champagne with no accompanying charcuterie, on occasion chips, french fries, frites, or however you say it, were used.



It makes sense when you think about it, the oil and salt of the fries paired with the bright acidity, bubbles, and flavour profile of a good sparkling wine sound like they make sense when you say the words out loud. And after looking into it a bit, it seems to have been a thing for some time now, which makes this day of celebration a little late to the party.

Better late than never I guess.



We feel compelled to say that there are no firm rules here, Sparkling wines from Champagne can get pricey, so if your budget is low, just keep to a dry sparkling wine - above 12% alcohol will do the trick. Sparkling wines from Germany are some of my favorites, as well as areas such as Loire, Alsace, and South Africa. Don't forget Franciacorta either (these are pricey, but still...).

And remember to keep it simple, don't go slathering cheese and chili all over the place, keep it to 3 ingredients  - potato, salt, and oil. An argument for polenta fries can be made.

So go forth and enjoy, there is no better reason to grab a bottle and get some fried potatoes, however you know them, and make sure to chill your Sparkling wines to about 43°F, you'll thank us later :)