French Corner Cellars and The Whiteface Lodge: A perfect pairing

June 01, 2018 by French Corner Cellars

French Corner Cellars and The Whiteface Lodge: A perfect pairing


         Whiteface Lodge welcome into it’s walls the newest family member: an Avintage DIVA Revolution 195! A perfect fit for a traditionally-styled Lodge that houses modern amenities. Let us show why this is such a special addition to this incredible upstate New York hotel & resort!

         The Whiteface Lodge opened its doors in 2005, the brainchild of former 1988 Luge Olympian Joe Barile. Since then it has become one of the most impressive hotels in the country. Nestled in the six million acres Adirondack Park, Whiteface Lodge has taken on the aesthetics of the parks 19th century lineage, and added everything a person needs to relax in the 21st. A movie theater, bowling, canoeing, and ice skating in the winter are just a taste of things you’ll be treated to.

         But the real magic lies in the lodge’s Kanu Restaurant & LoungeKanu features classic culinary creations, and their resort spa has hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas, wellness classes, fitness center and a full-service spa and salon menu. And what menu wouldn’t be complete without a killer wine list? And what killer wine list wouldn’t be complete without a Cabinet to keep it safe and drinkable?

And that’s where French Corner Cellars comes in.


         With its 1-6 zone temperature range provided by the Pushed-Air Technology housed within, Whiteface Lodge’s Avintage Revolution 195 will keep their selections at the perfect temperature for consumption in any room, under almost any circumstances. Their confidence in the product is shown as the unit placement is right next to one of their large fireplaces. It’s sleek design and wooden shelves fit in perfectly into the surrounding atmosphere.

         As massive and luxurious as the Lodge and Resort is, always remember that you don’t need six million acres to bring the style and class that an Avintage wine cabinet will add to any room in any home or business. Let French Corner Cellars help you choose the Avintage model that’s best for you.