Dry July: The perfect time for Copenhagen Sparkling Tea!

July 01, 2022 by French Corner Cellars
Tags: #dryjuly

It's time once for Dry July!  As the name suggests, during this month people abstain from imbibing alcohol, the often much-needed lucidity not withstanding, the main goal is to raise money for cancer patients and people affected by cancer - which in turn raises hope for those going through the most difficult and trying times of their lives.

Slowly but surely throughout the years, the idea of non-alcoholic drinking options have been increasingly popular. And with that, the category of best No-Low beverage has come to pass, and also with that is the winner of Best No-Low in the world - Copenhagen Sparkling Tea - brainchild of master sommelier Jacob Kocemba.

Not to detract from the more serious and important aspect of the month, we will link the story here, as well as the stunning 0% labels BLÅ & LYSERØD.



And lest we forget...

Along with showing support for those who are cancer-stricken, some people partaking may also be celebrating the decision to take alcohol out of their lives, others may simply be taking a break. However the month plays out, take some time to donate to an incredible cause, whilst exploring one of the most exciting and exquisite entries into the world of beverages - Copenhagen Sparkling Tea.