April 17th is World Malbec Day!

So in 2022 April 17th is the international day to celebrate one of the most beloved  grapes in the wine world - Malbec!

We are sure that by now most people are aware that despite being massively popular out of South America, the original origin is France. Once a major addition to the wines from Bordeaux (its is one of the six grapes allowed to this day), an especially harsh winter in 1956 killed off most of the vines (Malbec was known as Côt back then), and growers decided to replant varietals that were a bit more in style, and less of a pain to ripen.


The regulations for Cahors stipulate a minimum of 70% of Malbec


It is thought that Malbec/Auxerrois/Côt was brought from Bordeaux into Chile in the 80's, and with the southern continents perfect growing conditions for the grape, worked it's way across much of the continent. By the 90's it was widely accepted as the main jewel in the crown of Argentinian wines.

To taste comparatively a wine from Cahors (the home of French Malbec) and a wine from Argentina, it can be difficult to see how the same grape is used. This of course can also be used as an example of how different growing conditions can have a drastic effect on how a grape ripens and develops its characteristics.

And with that all being said, take some time this weekend and try a bottle of Malbec from the old world and new world - it's always a fun little experiment when pairing with various dishes and appetizers. And don't forget to serve around 60°F!