Interview with Florian Le Flahec of Avintage

May 09, 2018 by French Corner Cellars

Florian Le Flahec, Head of Product Maintenance at Avintage


French Corner Cellars: How many years have you worked in the plant building wine cellars?

Florian Le Flahec: I started after my internship as a mechanical apprentice, so it must be around 8 years now.


French Corner Cellars: What do you think differentiates you from your competitors?

Florian Le Flahec: I believe there are two key elements. First, the fact that we have many years of experience building wine cellars. The second is the excellence of manufacturing.


French Corner Cellars: How does this excellence translate to the customer? 

Florian Le Flahec: First, the majority of the employees have been here forever. It gives us a great stability and contributes to steady quality. The quality is also enhanced by the fact that we only use quality components for all of our products, especially for the most important one: the compressors. We understood very early the central role of that piece of hardware. Investing in quality hardware turned out to be a safe bet. Our cabinets last longer and have the lowest failure rate in the industry. For me as a maintenance guy, it is a blessing!